resources for creating websites


the website i have linke dup below is a website about how to make website and helpful tips on how you can make sure your website can function properly it shows you how to create a domain and a host. as well as making sure what you want your website to be about clearly and how to keep it up to date and helping you make sure its compatible with all devices from mobil devices to computers

this website helps you creat your website it tells you step by step. If you are having trouble finding what applications to use it helps you also it recommends applications to use. helps if you are stuck in a certain area very helpful website

Make a

this website i have linked up above is uyou guessed it about making websites but i this website goes more in depth and tells you specifically more and gives you applications to download how much they cost this website is very useful especially ofr people that dont undertstand technology that much it i dosent have as many pictures but still a good website

thought this is a website that is dedeicated to making websites for you it is very effective and it bascially helps you in every aspect like designing it that way its not as hard for you to do

meta press helps step by step telling youhow to oick a server and a host and installing the right applications and it is very nice to use it has many pictures so if you are a visual learner then this is a greta website for you. this website also helps you trying to give you ideas on how to promote you website on social media etc.

itiswp is nice it has sections decidribingn to you how to beung and chose all the essencial applications you need it looks like a bookm with chapters that give you a nice step by step and it even gives you a checklist at the end so you can make sure you got everything done right and your not missing anything