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What is wind energy?

Wind energy is energy created by the wind or air flows that naturally happens.It is used to generate mechanical power or electricity so it converts into energy that we can use today.depending on the size of the turbien it der=termines how much energy is going to be created

How do wind turbines work?

When wind goes tru wind turbines the blades capture kinetic energy and rotate powering a gear box which transfers its energy through which is connected to the generator which produces energy for us to use. a typical turbine wil start t get electricity when the wind speed reaches 6-9 mph but wind turbines will shut down to prevent damage to equipment . they also can generate useable amount of electricity over 90%

Benefits of wind energy

There are many benefits of using wind energy many of which we benefit of. wind energy is a renewable source and free. It is great for the environment it is clean non pollution and dosent "emit toxic substances or contaminates which can trigger for ex; heart diseases or cancer and respiratory diseases like asthma"". This is great alternative to using fossil fules and other sources of energy which cause more harm to the environment

What kind of turbines is there?

There is a once called the residential scale which uses only (10kw) these are small turbines that produce about as much as house need.The next is a small commercial scalewith (10-50kw)these create more power then the residential these turbines are more for small business, farms , ranch , schools, office buildings. the next kind of turbine is called a commercialonsite(50_250kw) this kind of turbine are used to create energy for campusus, larger facilities.Another turbine is the large commercial or industrial turbine (500kw-1.5 MW) this on is for communities and very large onsite industrial loads. finally we have the utility scale turbine typically from (1.5-7.5 MW)this the largest turbine creating a lot more power