Element selectors affect single elements it will usually the first thing its what you want to change and you can use this in either your html and css you always have to use this.
p { ex:ex;}
A group selector is the use of more then 1 things you want to be the same for example if you want 2 things to be the same color you would put put them into the same//i neeed to include another thing in here toninform the reader of the equations h1,P { ex:ex;}
a decendent selector is also applied in the syntax its inside of the main selector. You use this when you have a element inside of a specified element and want to change it. A example of this. div p { ex:ex;}
Class Selector, dependent and independent
ID Selector, dependent and independent
the universal element select any type of elements in an HTML page usually an asterisk i followed by a selector, which is useful when you want to set a style for all the elements of a html page. *{css-property:example;}
pseudo-element is usually an added selector that lets you style a specfic part of a single element or grouped element. they can be used to style a specific part of an elemnent
psuedo-class is a keyword added toa selector that tells it specifically what special state of the selcted elements. pesudo-classes can be used to style a element based in its state

specifity low to highest

ID selectors
class selectors
universal selectors
group element
element selector