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New 27" Monitor

This is a new monitor. Available for desktop uses. A good choice for home office and school work.


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2TB External Hard Drive

2.0 Terrabytes of storage. This USB devices has fast access speed to safely backup your vital information. A red protective case also included.


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500GB Flash Drive

500GB USB flash drive. With sliding protective cover. Bright red body makes it easier to see and find.


BONUS: Silver 24GB Flash Drive included!

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Office Headset

Home office headset with boom mike. USB connection with 2 meter cable provides flexibility. Comfort ear coverings. Sound dampening for better control.


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Desktop Microphone

USB Computer Microphone. 24" cord. Base mounted pushbutton for Mute/Unmute. Flexible neck allows for better positioning.


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27" Monitor

27" LED Flat screen monitor. Solid base for desktop usage. Good choice for home office and school work.


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Web Camera

Flexible mount web camera. Limited angle focus keeps you in the picture and reduces background clutter. Built in microphone available. USB or wireless options available.


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